Polyplex Corporation Share Review on Buy or Sell Recommendation

Polyplex Corporation is one of the leading company in India which deals primarily with the production of BOPP, Blown PP/PE and CPP films used in the flexible packaging industry. This company is the leader in their sector and has delivered very good results.

Polyplex Corporation is having a market capitalization of rupees 6560 Crores. Polyplex Corporation has posted its quarterly report of September 2021. Sales in September 2021 8:15 rupees 1548 crores against Rs 1440 crores in in June 2021 quarter. Operating profit in September quarter was Rs 257 Crores against Rs 257 Crores in June 2021 Quarter. Profit before tax was rupees 211 crores in June 2021 quarter which declined to Rs 208 crores in September 2021 Quarter. Net profit in June quarter 2021 was Rs 112 crores which declined to rupees 96 crores in September 2021 quarter. EPS i.e. Earning per share in September quarter 2021 was 30.59 as compared to previous June 2021 quarter was Rs 35.52.

Even though there is decline in the operating profit, net profit, EPS. Then also there is a buy call in polyplex corporation due to the huge demand in packaging industry. It is expected that there will be a huge upside in the coming quarter.

So we are providing a buy call of rupees 3000 in the coming next 12 months.

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