Nahar Polyfilms Share Review on Buy or Sell Call

Nahar Polyfilms is one of the leading company in India which produces and and sells BOPP Films. The company has the market capitalization of rupees 1,082 Crores.

Nahar poly films has published its quarterly report of December 2021 quarter. Coming to sales figure December quarter as well as September quarter 2021 both are having the same figure of sells i.e. Rs 104 Crores. In fact Nahar poly films has cut the its expenses from rupees 83 crores to rupees 77 crores in this December 2021 Quarter. Due to which in December quarter 2021 its operating profit increased to rupees 26 Crores as compared to 22 crores in September 2021 quarter. Profit before tax [PBT] age also increased to rupees 27 crores as compared from the previous quarter which was of rupees 24 crores in September 2021 quarter. If we speak of net profit which also increased to rupees 25 crores in December 2021 quarter from its 23 crores in September 2021 quarter. EPS [Earning Per Share] in in September 2021 quarter was 9.44 while in December quarter 2021 increased to 10.00.

One of the important point of Nahar Polyfilms is that it is trading at the 13.2 P/E which is comparatively lower P/E if we compare from other peers.

Definitely there is a buy call on this stock. Our target price for this stock is rupees 500 in the coming 2-3 months.


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