Buying Vedanta is Good

You will find one of the basic question which arises in the mind either it is good to buy Vedanta or not.  If any one is looking for Dividend, then Vedanta is one of the best option available in the share market to buy as shares.  Just hold the shares of Vedanta and you will receive times dividends.  Infact, the dividend paid by Vedanta is much higher than the Interest earned in Fixed Deposit.

Now coming to its Financial.

Here the Face value of Vedanta is of Rs 1. Vedanta is having a Market capitalisation of Rs 94528 Crores so it is Large Cap Company. Stock P/E is trading at 4.92. Book value is Rs 176. See its Dividend Yield is 20.1%. ROCE is also very good at 32.2% and ROE is also awesome at 30%.

So, Infact its a very good option to buy Vedanta at a lower P/E and if any one is looking for Regular Income in form of Dividend, then Vedanta is very good option.

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