Buying in IT Sector started

One of the very important questions comes of Buying Dips in IT Sector has started or not or it is just a momentary buy?  This is one of the basic questions comes while buying IT Sector as we all know we have just huge downfall in all the IT Companies falling upto 65% in the IT stocks causing huge panic.

Though even IT companies has given its best quarter result but the main issue is coming with their attrition rate which is at 25% which is at alarming high situation which means out of 100 people 25 people are leaving the company

Now, All the IT Companies have taken the step to increase the Salary so that they could retain the Employees.  Also company is saying that pressure could be seen in Attrition By next quarter or one more next quarter.  After that situation will be normalize.

So, donot be panic and if you are investor simply seat tightly and need not to be afraid.  Just put your money in Quality IT Companies.

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